About Me


I'm Leslie, and I love jewelry.  I love designing it, making it, looking at it, wearing it, and thinking about it.  I love seeing what other people are making and wearing too. The urge to adorn is deep within us, and I believe in the power of a chic, beautiful pair of earrings or a cool bracelet to brighten the day!

That's my goal: to create unique, well-designed, stylish pieces that make you feel fabulous, whether you are wearing yoga pants or an evening dress.  I promise you will get lots of compliments!

I have been working on and off in the jewelry industry for the last twenty+ years-- in Athens, Greece, Boston and New York. I have trained as a bench jeweler, designed jewelry for both fine and costume jewelry manufacturers and worked for an antique silver and jewelry dealer in Manhattan.  I have an MA in decorative arts history, concentrating on silver and jewelry.  That's a lot of time thinking about, studying and making jewelry!  

Seed beads are my creative rocket fuel!  I started working with them in the late 1990s for fun while working as a professional jewelry designer.  When I decided to start my own jewelry business, they were a natural choice of material.  I also love to work with Swarovski crystals, pearls, natural stones, shell and other types of beads.  

Inspiration comes from historic pattern design and from both modern and antique jewelry. I also get inspired from my beautiful materials and love to experiment with techniques and stitches. 

For more photos and information, please check out my Facebook and Instagram pages and my YouTube Channel for tutorials (links below).


xoxo, Leslie

Photo credit: Marsden Epworth